Harry Potter Vs Vegans?

Veganism in Australia

Veganism is one of the fastest growing lifestyles in Australia. As recently as 2016 Australia was thought to be the fastest growing Vegan market in Australia. In just two years there was a 92% increase in the number of Vegan products launched in Australia.

The following graph from Google trends shows just how much interest has grown in Australians searching for ‘Going Vegan’.

There have been no large-scale surveys done in Australia regarding Veganism. Some surveys have estimated the number of Vegans in Australia at 2% of the population or 499,625 Australians. More liberal studies have estimated the number of Vegetarians or mostly vegetarians at 10% of the population – or 2,498,126. It will probably be years before we get any clear number, but one thing is for certain – this number is growing.

In the last 12 months ‘Vegan’ has been searched by more Australians than ‘Harry Potter’ despite a new mobile game and Fantastic Beasts film announced.

Veganism By Australian Cities

We can now calculate the interest in Veganism by combining the number of searches for ‘Vegan’ & ‘Harry Potter’ and measuring the ratio by city. It is worth noting that holiday destinations such as the Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast come in first. This is likely due to Vegan visitors looking for places to eat.

Veganism In Sydney

Population (June Census): 5,131,326
Vegan Score: 55 – Harry Potter 45
Ranking: 12th

Veganism In Melbourne

Population (June Census): 4,850,740
Vegan Score: 63 – Harry Potter 37
Ranking: 3rd

Veganism In Brisbane

Population (June Census): 2,408,223
Vegan Score: 57 – Harry Potter 43
Ranking: 8th

Veganism In Perth

Population (June Census): 2,408,223
Vegan Score: 58 – Harry Potter 42
Ranking: 6th

Veganism In Adelaide

Population (June Census): 1,333,927
Vegan Score: 61 – Harry Potter 39
Ranking: 4th

Veganism In The Gold Coast

Population (June Census): 693,321
Vegan Score: 68 – Harry Potter 32
Ranking: 1st

Veganism In Newcastle

Population (June Census): 491,183
Vegan Score: 57 – Harry Potter 43
Ranking: 9th

Veganism In Caberra

Population (June Census): 447,457
Vegan Score: 57 – Harry Potter 43
Ranking: 10th

Veganism In The Sunshine coast

Population (June Census): 375,399
Vegan Score: 66 – Harry Potter 34
Ranking: 2nd

Veganism In Wollongong

Population (June Census): 299,203
Vegan Score: 52 – Harry Potter 48
Ranking: 14th

Veganism In Geelong

Population (June Census): 260,138
Vegan Score: 57 – Harry Potter 43
Ranking: 11th

Veganism In Hobart

Population (June Census): 226,884
Vegan Score: 55 – Harry Potter 45
Ranking: 13th

Veganism In Townsville

Population (June Census): 195,346
Vegan Score: 52 – Harry Potter 48
Ranking: 15th

Veganism In Cairns

Population (June Census): 165,925
Vegan Score: 59 – Harry Potter 41
Ranking: 5th

Veganism In Darwin

Population (June Census): 146,612
Vegan Score: 58 – Harry Potter 42
Ranking: 7th

Veganism In Toowoomba

Population (June Census): 145,631
Vegan Score: 49 – Harry Potter 51
Ranking: 16th – Last

Least vegan City In Australia

Toowoomba came in as the only Australian city with a population over 100,000 where Harry Potter is searched more than Vegan (a mere 1% difference). However, considering it has a thriving chain of Vegan Cafes emerging it would be clutching at straws to say there is a small vegan presence in Toowoomba.

All data was collected from Google trends as of the 21st July 2018. You can view this here

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