Where to Buy Vegan School Shoes in Australia

What sort of Vegan School Shoes (also known as Faux Leather School Shoes) are you after?

  1. Primary Girls Vegan School Shoes
  2. Primary Boys Vegan School Shoes
  3. Secondary/High School Girls Vegan Shoes
  4. Secondary/High School Boys Vegan Shoes

Finding Vegan school shoes in Australia is hard. Surprisingly the vegan community is not entirely useful when trying to find answers. I scoured every forum I could find on the topic and saw some really terrible advice. Probably WORST advice was to ‘Email your school principal that you don’t want to wear leather and CC a local newspaper so they know the media are involved‘.

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Has this person seen how veganism is portrayed in the media? They are asking this child to be vilified for something that can easily be avoided. I have assembled a convenient guide for people to find the best deals on Vegan School Shoes online.

When it comes to finding vegan school shoes Australia has it much harder than the rest of the world. Have you been searching and searching to find a set of vegan school shoes for your children? Trust me when I say that I too also felt utterly lost. After spending hours at a local Westfield I felt like a rock caught in a hard place trying to find vegan shoes that were of quality for my children. They also had to meet the following requirements:.

  1. Were the shoes ethical?
    Just because the shoes are faux leather doesn’t mean they are cruelty-free. If they cost $5 you can pretty much assume the conditions of the factory that made them and the lifestyles of the workers.
  2. Do they meet uniform regulation?
    Most of the leather-free shoes I was able to find at the usual retailer and shoe stores ended up resembling converse shoes or volleys. At my son’s school, these would earn a free ticket to lunchtime detention.
  3. Are they good shoes?
    If I were to resort to buying discount or bargain shoes, how long will they last? Will I be rebuying them in 3 weeks time? Could they be causing long-term damage to my child’s feet? Ultimately I agree that my child’s health will always come before my wallet.
  4. Are they even Vegan?
    Synthetic leather or faux leather doesn’t mean vegan. It isn’t uncommon to find animal products contained in the black dye used for many of the rubber textiles.

I tried asking an employee for help, but to be honest I was clutching at straws at this point. I will summarise it with the following statement he said about shoes with a leather tongue (the part under shoelaces)

don’t worry, mostly it’s cotton; therefore it’s vegan”. – Teenage retail employee

I really enjoy when it when things are mostly vegan. Like gelatin in my baking. There is another way to say ‘mostly vegan’ – ‘NOT VEGAN’.

If you are hoping to find decent quality vegan shoes at a mainstream Australian retailer you are going to be sadly disappointed. After this, I set out to search online.

There are some really good vegan shoe stores such as Ecoture and Vegan Style for adults. Unfortunately these only supply adult sized shoes (still amazing ranges to choose from).

The good news is I have managed to find some ethical and affordable school shoes for vegans in Australia.

Vegan Shoes for Primary School – Boys and Girls

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Synthetic Leather, No animal dyes.

Most primary schools in Australia tend to have a more relaxed uniform policy compared to secondary schools. Generally, black and polishable ‘Lynx’ style shoes are accepted.  Thankfully Hi-Tec, a UK based shoe company offer a fair price on durable faux leather shoes. From what I could find, when compared to the leather equivalent at Williams these are actually cheaper and more durable.

Female Vegan Shoes for Secondary School

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Fashionable and Durable from the DR MARTENS Vegan Range

When you reach secondary school the requirements usually changes to Lace up Black Leather Polish-able School Shoes. The selection is a little more limited for what I would be happy to spend on a school student. (There are fantastic & more luxury options available for women). So without taking a $300 hit to your budget, the best recommendation I can make is from the DR MARTENS Vegan range.

We have scoured through Amazon seller reviews to find one that does not cause issues as stated above with mislabelling shoes as vegan. We highly recommend this seller.

I do recommend that you consult your daughter’school uniform guidelines to ensure that the above shoes are appropriate. If this is not the case, some vegans may feel comfortable enough to buy second hand shoes and disinfect them.

Male Vegan Shoes for Secondary School



Dr Martens Gibson 1461 Vegan

Surprisingly there is actually a broader range of vegan shoes for males in high school to choose from. They tend to come with lower price tags. (Pink tax anyone?).

These actually come in at the cheapest I was able to find over more than twenty Australian (and international) stores. They are actually even cheaper than the child’s shoes listed above. However, what men save in these they have to be prepared to fork out in vegan work shoes or vegan steel cap boots.

Sharing is Caring

Found better deals on vegan shoes? Please do let me know as I would love to keep this list as up to date as possible! It can be tough being a vegan parent (even tougher being a parent to a vegan). School years are very impressionable and the last thing any of us want is for our kids to feel isolated or at odds for their beliefs.

If you have any vegan shopping tips for us, or requests, please feel free to reach out to us as we would love to hear from you.