The Best Prices on Ahimsa Shoes in Australia

Who are Ahimsa Shoes?

Ahimsa is a brand of Vegan shoes that has started in 2013. Most independent or start-up fashion brands may use shared factories or outsourced employees. However, Ahimsa is entirely made in-house by company employees in the worlds largest all Vegan Factory


Buying Ahimsa shoes in Australia

Unfortunately, as Ahimsa shoes are made in Brazil it can be more expensive for Australians to obtain than for countries in Europe or the Americas. Based on price comparisons it appears that Amazon USA would be the cheapest place to buy them, however with the introduction of GST into sales, Amazon has restricted international shipping to Australia from it’s USA site. As such, it appears the cheapest place to currently find them would be at Veganstyle as Ecoture & The Cruelty-Free Shop do not stock these.