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Vegan Shoes that don’t fall apart?

As veganism has evolved past the cliche of being exclusive ‘hippie’ or ‘punk’ cultures there has been a growing need for vegan alternatives for ‘everyday’ Australians – including tradies. Vegan leather boots were barely an option ten years ago unless you were willing to pay over $400 for shoes that may or may not fall apart after a few weeks of use. Veganism in Australia is at an all-time high – even surpassing Harry Potter on Google trends.  There is now a growing supply of vegan work boots Australia has to offer to the ever-growing Australian vegan market.

Where to get the best prices on Vegan office boots

The Dr Martens Vegan Range is full of vegan options for both Men and Women

There is now an abundance of vegan boots to choose from. Ranging from the stylish for outdoor festival wear all the way to strong and durable steel-cap boots that no co-worker would ever guess is vegan.

I would definitely recommend checking out the range of Vegan boots available in the Dr Martens Vegan Range now with AfterPay here and see for yourself how they compare in price to sites like Ecoture, Veganwares and Vegan style. Unfortunately they do not offer synthetic leather work boots, however there are plenty of stores that do including Vegan Wares here.

Where To Get The Best Prices on Vegan Steel Cap Boots in Australia

Unfortunately, since Amazon USA stopped selling to Australia we are limited by the significantly smaller Amazon Australia product range. After scouring the internet for the best prices on Vegan Steel Cap Boots the best prices an be found on Vegan Wares: But be prepared to be looking at a price tag of over $300 here.

If you are ok with settling on vegan rubber steel cap boots as opposed to Vegan Leather you can get better prices on Vegan Steel Cap boots by buying from Muck on Amazon Australia as their product range isn’t available elsewhere.

Muck Chore Classic Tall Steel Toe Men's Rubber Work Boots w/Metatarsal Guard
Muck Boots Unisex Humber Steel Toe Cap Safety Wellington

They are perhaps the best deal around for Vegan Safety boots Australia has to offer. On the American Amazon site they currently boast 102 five-star reviews.

If you are a new vegan then it can be exciting to find somewhere ethical and affordable to shop. Once you see price tags, the mood can quickly change from exciting to intimidating. One of the things that most vegans suffer with is the shoes. We will not waste your time with an enormously long list and give you the perfect idea to get your vegan faux leather boots- whether for fashion or work-related purposes.

Finding the right vegan shoes online

Well days are gone when you used to wear only gray or brown synthetic leather shoes. Now, most of the vegan shoes online have cool color and latest designs. But, before proceeding you need to know something.

There are two categories of vegan shoes.

  • Intentionally Vegan: These shoes are used by the people who are against animal cruelty and refuse to wear anything that comes from wool, silk, shearling etc. the vegan companies make shoes for these people out of the respect for the animals.
  • Unintentionally Vegans: These shoes are usually made with synthetic leather, in most cases, these are the cheap shoes that are found at places like K-Mart or Target. These shoes are less expensive for multiple reasons that we will explore.

Why Do Intentionally Vegan Boots Cost More?

The intentionally vegan shoes are expensive compared to the unintentional ones. Reasons for this can include:

  1. Most brands of Vegan Boots are fair trade. Not only do they not exploit animals- they don’t exploit humans.
  2.  They don’t cut corners. These shoes are designed to be durable and fit for work. Not fall apart after each use.
  3. These are not multi-billion dollar companies. They do not commission shoes to be made by the hundreds of thousands. They are designed in-house and self-funded.

If you are not ready to pay for the extra prices for boots that are both high-quality and being cruelty-free to animals (and humans) then you still have the option to buy unintentionally vegan shoes. Unfortunately, these shoes are usually cheap because of the conditions of which they are made (underpaid workers). The quality is also usually lacking and the boots will usually break quite easily – especially if exposed to water.

The cheaper the boots are, the more likely the leather is to be faux. This does not mean vegan. Many of the dyes that are used can contain animal products. The best tip is to ask the manufacturer, but when you are dealing with large Australian retailers, it is not uncommon for them to alternate manufacturers based on best production prices.

However, do not for get to check the product details as well because sometimes some shoes will have leather accents. or tongues

If you are willing to pay premium prices and international shipping you can find some great shoes by Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather, Cri de Coeur, Novacas, Mooshoes for great quality vegan shoes.

New to the market, Coalface WorkWear offers a range of Vegan shoes that are durable and built to withstand strenuous tasks.