Vegan Lite N Easy Alternative: Vegan Meals Delivered in Sydney & Australia Wide

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The convenience of delivery food companies cannot be understated. When life is busy and your family (no matter the size) meets for that fateful moment of dinner, what’s on table cannot always meet expectations. Due to lack of time, lack of preparation, or even not having the correct ingredients, dinners are suffering.

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With busy lifestyles, a delivery food option can be an optimal choice to save time and also give you something to eat that is a lot more inventive than a frozen meal. One of the problems consumers run into is that many food delivery options only cater to non-vegan customers. There are more pizza and chicken deliveries than one can count, but when was the last time you had a great vegan dish delivered fresh to your door in Sydney?

Vegan-Friendly Alternative to Lite n’ Easy

Lite n Easy is Australia’s signature meal delivery company. It is almost becoming a household name. They focus on home kits that can be delivered to your home with the brightest highlights being their role in creating healthy-lifestyle inspiring meals. There has just been one down-fall of their plans holding them back: they do not offer a vegan-friendly plan with meals suited for such a strict diet.

Some may make the assumption that not many vegan people need convenience vegan meals delivered in Sydney because of the presumed ‘simplicity’ of the lifestyle. This is not always the case. Anyone can be too busy to grocery shop or carefully plan meals, and everyone deserves convivence that caters to their tastes.

Vegan Meals Delivered in Sydney

FivePointFour is a great delivery food alternative that offers completely vegan-friendly options. They conveniently serve the Sydney, Australia area. While examining their system you will find many options that are not only cost-effective but also features that make this company shine brighter than most others.

Especially for customers looking to get vegan meals delivered, Sydney has a very limited variety of options. FivePointFour, however, is dedicated to providing this underserved population that normally can’t benefit from the modern-day convenience of meals prepared and delivered fresh.


Delivery meal service plans come in the dozens, and that is needed with their growing popularity. FivePointFour really does stand out in the crowd thanks to their selection of vegan meal plans in Sydney and the tailored-for-you nature of their options

Variety of Meal Plans

FivePointFour has five plans that can be ordered weekly: Women’s and a Men’s low-carb weight loss plan, Active Lifestyle Plan, Muscle Gain, and, lastly, a Vegan Gluten-Free plan.

Men and women need to diet differently to keep their bodies healthy. What may cause a man to lose weight will not necessarily work the same for a woman. FivePointFour has healthy meal plans designed specifically for your body type. The lifestyle plans are also a great relief in reaching your health goals because the burden of keeping track of calorie and vitamin intake is already taken care of for you.

Their Vegan and Gluten-friendly meal plan in Sydney is their most unique option that shines among their plans. There is a selection of eight meals to choose from ranging from Vegan Kung Pow Legumes to Vegan Chick Pea Korma.

Preparation Directions

The step-by-step directions provided by FivePointFour have the ease that so many people have come to love about the Lite n’ Easy food system. The simple-to-follow meal guide tells you exactly what you need to eat and when. Best of all, the meals are cooked for you by professional chefs. All you have to do is follow the schedule and reheat the food according to the directions.

The most noticeable feature of the paper cooking aids is the meal plan sheets that help you meet your weight loss goals. They provide you with an overview of your dieting and what other factors must be taken into account besides the healthy meals, such as workout suggestions and water intake.


Living an active lifestyle has it downfalls—especially when it comes to planning to lose a few pounds. There is not the extra time to dedicate to meal planning and then the daunting task of counting calories. There is no time for that when you already have a double-sided list that needs completing.

The dieting aspect of FivePointFour is exemplary and all of their meals have the nutrients you need plus high protein for energy in workouts or the trials of everyday life. The intentional use of low fat, low sugar, low carb foods for their recipes shows off what this meal delivery service really has to offer the people of Sydney.

A Company Serving Vegan Meals Delivered Sydney

FivePointFour is a company not only dedicated to its customer’s taste buds, but also to their well-being.

Many meals in your everyday diet are bulked up by gluten, which has become a proven allergen that many people suffer severe intolerance to. The exclusion of gluten from 5.4’s meals is a definite plus for the company, especially because Lite n’ Easy doesn’t cater to dietary needs like this. And, since gluten intolerance is one reason that a lot of people turn to vegan diets, FivePointFour has some obvious friends in the vegan community.

Final Thoughts

FivePointFour is an exceptional choice for vegan food delivered Sydney and those in need of a convenience meal kit, but who do not want to sacrifice their vegan lifestyle. Meal delivery is perfect for those looking to go on a diet, but do not have the free time to count calories or spend hours planning an extravagant week of meals.

Most delivery food services do not cater to vegan populations for various reasons, but with 5.4 this is not the case. The service is perfect for vegans, and health-conscious people alike.